Securing Good Marks in Programming Language Exams : Do the Baby Steps

No matter what programming language it is. The fundamentals and the basic programming constructs remain the same in almost all the languages. The best approach is to begin with say C or C++, both these languages will give you a good understanding of the basic concepts and little bit of practice will go a long way to clear away the doubts that may arise when faced with a new programming problem.

The most common problem being – the blackout i.e not knowing how to begin with a program. How to get started and how to tackle the problem at hand. This will get solved only when you have enough practice of the fundamental building blocks.

Tip : Get yourself a good Compiler for the programming language in Question.

Do the Loop

Looping or iteration is a continuous process till a condition holds is true. This repetitive execution of code needs to be understood before you can master any language. The most common loops are the For Loop, While Loop & Do While Loop. In order to make functional and productive programs, loops need to be used.

Do your loops carefully and get a grip over the different looping concepts.

Variables! Variables! Variables

Programming Languages may be strictly typed or loosely typed. Declaring variables before using them is always a good practice specially when you are starting out. Therefore, try to declare all the variables with proper data type wherever possible.

This would make your debugging easy and spare you from buggy nightmares at the run-time.

Tip : Take help from freely available programming video tutorials online.

Pay attention to detail

Every problem does not have a single solution. You can approach a given problem using any method till the time its reasonably logical and produces the desired output. This can only be done if you are paying attention to the little details in the program. Every program needs to be coded crafted carefully.

Making small optimizations that minimize user effort are always welcome. You should also keep with yourself some good Cheat Sheets to help you out when you need any assistance in a syntax.


Programming requires lots of patience. You need to maintain a positive approach. If you are stuck at a particular location, no need to fret. Consider Google as your best friend and Google it out. You’re certainly not the only one with the same problem.

Work towards perfecting your programming concepts slowly and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Tip : Always keep a few Cheat Sheets of the programming language you are working on handy.

How do you prepare for your favorite programming language?