Notepad Tips and Tricks for Productivity

Notepad Tips and Tricks

Notepad is used by almost everyone, this is one of the most indispensable tools. We present below some of the Best 5 Notepad Tips and Tricks to help you get most of your Notepad experience.

Using the below Notepad Tips you can save time in your day to day usage.


1. Add Date and Time i.e Timestamp in Notepad

To add a date and time stamp to an open Notepad, simply hit F5. This will display it informat <time> <date> example : 01:51 23-12-2010

2. Automate the Timestamp addition

At the first line of a Notepad file, type: .LOG . This will put a timestamp at the end of the file, every time you open it.

3. Change Notepad Font

To change the font used in Notepad, click Format > Font and select the font and style you prefer!

4. Add Page numbers and setup page margins in notepad

To customize the Page setup, size & side margins, click on File > page Setup to see the options.

5. Preserve format of your SQL queries in Notepad

Use tip #3 and select font “System” to format your SQL queries the way they did in DBMS application queries.

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