Hiring a programmer for your development project  is not an easy task. After you have identified potential candidates, its time to screen them before you can call them onboard for your project. Unfortunately, there hardly exists an efficient method to measure and test the skills that come only by experience.

How to Screen Prospective Hires

I came across this little website called Codeboffin which makes it easy for employers who are looking for competent programmers to screen prospective hires with simple and effective programming tests.

Codeboffin claims that “Most applicants for programming jobs can’t even code a Fibonacci function.”

How Codeffin solves your hiring problems

Although still in Beta, currently it offers test in C and C++ and allows for 5 free tests in their beta phase. It all looks promising by giving the test taker 60 mins to solve a problem and write the code in the browser. It is then saved and executed to calculate a grade based on the code that the programmer comes up with.



Taking and assigning Tests

When a test is assigned to a candidate, one private problem is chosen randomly for the test. While they are new, private problems can be used effectively to test candidates. When they cross a certain age, they will be retired into the open pool and new private problems introduced into the private pool.

You can assign a private test to the candiate which are emailed to them using a private link. No registration is required.


After completion, the candidate is assigned a Grade.



I personally liked the concept and would recommend this to those looking to hire programmers. Expect more tests to be added as this is still in Beta.

How do you screen your programmers for your projects? Do you use any other tool or method